Waste No Time – Vote for Your Favourite Finalists in the AskGamblers Awards Race!

It’s been intense for the last few months, at least when it comes to the nomination process for the AskGamblers Awards. Well, you’ve been there, you know how excited everyone’s been!

Now, with the 10 finalists announced, it’s up to you to choose the winner – and, you should do it now! In case you’ve misplaced all the voting information with the Movember craze, Halloween promos and all that – here are a few information to jog your memory:

AskGamblers Awards: Categories and Voting

Here’s a quick reminder of how things went: AskGamblers Awards lined up 4 categories for you to vote in: the Best New Casino, the Best Casino, the Best New Slot, and the Best Software Provider. Out of all the participants on AskGamblers’ website, you were to pick your favourites and nominate them for the final 10 contestants, per category. Thanks to your diligent voting, we now have 10 finalists lined up in each category, and we’re looking for your vote to choose one winner in each!

After you choose your favourite in the finals, the vote is combined with the judges’ opinions to announce one winner per category. However, there’s going to be a separate Players’ Choice category, lining up votes from players only.

The Affiliate of the Year, as the fifth category, is chosen solely by the judges.

Four Categories and the 10 Finalists

The 4 categories, as you already know them, are the Best Casino, the Best New Casino, the Best New Slot, and the Best Software provider. Go to our AskGamblers Awards Website to check which candidates have made it to the finals and cast your vote.

Each category has the 10 finalists listed, and all you’ve got to do is click “Vote” on your favourites!

Don’t Wait Too Long – We Need You!

There are less than two months until the polls close, so we need you to be all in! Remember, you’ve got till 17th January 2020 to cast your vote.

Everyone has their favourite, and this your chance to have a final say and vote for your iGaming pet and help the AskGamblers team choose the best of the best for the previous year. We are counting on you!

P.S. We’ve got delightful Christmas promos are waiting for you during the Christmas season, so make sure you check us out during December!