AskGamblers Awards: Ready or Not, This Year’s Finalists’ Names Are Here!

It’s been two months already since everyone’s been hyped about the nomination process of everyone’s favourite online casinos, new casinos, and slots – and it’s been a ride! Now, with the nomination period over, we’re over the Moon about sharing the top 10 finalists’ names! Sweating with excitement? You are not the only one!

What Are AskGamblers Awards About, Anyway?

AskGamblers Awards are the most critical event in the gambling industry, as of two years ago. With the players’ interest to participate in choosing their favourite online casinos, new slots, and new casinos on the market, we’ve decided to make it a joint venture with all of us deciding who’ll make it into the top 10.

With that in mind, we’ve given the players the chance to voice their opinion via nominations that started two months ago and have just ended. All you had to do to participate in the process is be a registered user on AskGamblers, and a passionate player (but that one goes without saying, right?).

With the Finalists’ Names Announced, Vote for Your Favourite One

For everyone who participated in the nomination game, you then know the candidates fell into the following competition categories:

A quick reminder for everyone: AskGamblers Awards 2020 will be announcing the winners for the previous year, that is – the year 2019. Just like last year, it’s going to be a true spectacle worthy of every competitor that has run the race in the first place. If you are not at the event yourself, you’ll be able to follow it over live stream on 17th January 2020.

The Finalists’ Names Are In

With so many great participants and voters’ suggestions, it was a tight race between the contestants who’ve made it to the finals. Still, the decision is in, and the names lined up.

Here are the top 10 finalists who have made the cut:

Best New Casino:

In the category for Best Online Casino, the following 10 made the final cut:

The finalists in the Best New Slot category are as follows:

The best Software Provider category lists the following names:

Till 17th January arrives – stay focused, play smart, and win big!