AskGamblers Announces Top 10 Best Affiliate Partners

For everyone who’s been keeping up with the AskGamblers’ voting sessions, you know the finalists were sourced to the Best Online Casino, Best New Casino, and Best New Slot. Still, that’s not where things ended. As part of the AskGamblers Awards, we’ve been talking about naming the Best Software Providers and the Best Affiliate Partners as well – and the names are finally here!

While the players were “in charge” of nominating their Best Online Casino, Best New Casino, and Best New Slot to enter the finals, we’ve been doing the same with Affiliate Partners, only following our internal parameters. That said, with the nomination period over and the names for the Best Online Casino, Best New Casino, and Best New Slot out, we’re joining the bandwagon and releasing our list of 10 Best Affiliate Partners.

Choosing only 10 out of many superior professionals we work with wasn’t easy, but the decision had to be made. On that note and without further ado, here are the names of the Best Affiliate Partners for this AskGamblers Awards:

As you know, the AskGamblers team is organizing the AskGamblers Awards gala night, the third year in a row and we hope to see the winners present. The final ceremony will be held on 17th January 2020 in Belgrade, and it is expected to be a true spectacle! For those who’ll be unable to attend, live stream will be available.

AskGamblers’ Head of the Account Department reflected on this night and the 10 Affiliates chosen by saying: “We are thrilled to have been given the opportunity to, year by year, work with a pool of such amazing professionals, businesspeople, and visionaries. The relationship we’ve built and continue to nurture is based on mutual respect, trust, and commitment to excellence. The AskGamblers Awards night will be the epitome of excitement and anticipation, and I’m honestly honoured to be a part of it!”

AskGamblers Awards night has already become somewhat of a legacy, with the most important names in the industry for the previous year properly celebrated. We are privileged to be building heritage of such magnitude.