The AskGamblers Awards Rules

Get informed on all you need to know regarding the AskGamblers Awards nomination and voting process via the information below.

Nomination Phase

During the AskGamblers Awards nomination phase every online casino listed on the AskGamblers website can be nominated. However, only the casinos that are among the finalists at the end of the nomination phase are eligible for voting in the subsequent voting phase. Likewise, during this phase players can also nominate their favourite online slots.

The nomination period will last until 16 May 2021.

Voting Phase

In the second phase players are able to vote for the casinos that are among the 10 finalists in two separate categories: Best Casino and Best New Casino.

While both titles are chosen through the joint efforts of the AskGamblers team of experts and players’ votes, there is also a third, separate award called Players’ Choice. The Players’ Choice casino is chosen solely by players.

Apart from the casino categories, there is also a slot category where players are able to vote for the Best New Slot of the Year.

In addition, there is an award for the Best Provider where players’ votes for the Best New Slot are taken into consideration in combination with the opinion of the AskGamblers experts. Finally, the award for the Best Affiliate Partner will also be awarded.

Players can vote for the Best Casino, Best New Casino and Best New Slot only once.

On 17 May 2021, the finalists get announced and the voting phase begins. The voting phase will last until 17 June 2021 when the Awards are scheduled for.

AskGamblers Awards Night

Due to the current circumstances, AskGamblers Awards Night 2021 will be held virtually and live streamed from Belgrade, Serbia. The Awards are scheduled for 17 June 2021. All other stages of the Awards remain the same.