The AskGamblers Awards Rules

Learn more about the process of selecting the laureates of AskGamblers Awards.

Phase I: Nominations

The process of picking online casinos, slots and providers that will carry one of our prestigious awards kicks off with nominations. In this stage, AskGamblers players are invited to nominate their favourites in the following categories: In the Best Casino category, players can nominate any online casino listed on AskGamblers. In contrast, in Best New Casino and Best New Slot categories, players can choose only among online casinos and slots published on AskGamblers in the previous year. Nominations run for approximately two months. Players can nominate as many online casinos and slots throughout this stage by visiting their corresponding reviews on our website and clicking the clearly displayed buttons.

Phase II: Voting

The completion of the nominations ushers in the voting stage. The voting stage is launched by announcing 10 finalists in each category mentioned above. AskGamblers players are again invited to contribute by voting for the eligible casinos and slots. Additionally, the voting stage introduces the category of Best Provider derived from the top 10 finalists in the Best New Slot category. In the final voting stage, the collective of players and AskGamblers experts’ votes decides the winners in the three initial categories of Best Casino, Best New Casino and Best New Slot. Finally, the 20 finalists in the Best Casino and Best New Casino categories are up for the Players’ Choice Award, an accolade decided solely by players and awarded to an online casino with the most votes. Here's a handy video we produced detailing the AskGamblers Awards process:
The 7th AskGamblers Awards follow the same tradition as the previous editions. The dates for this year’s awards are as follows: Information concerning the 7th AskGamblers Awards is regularly updated on our website. Follow us to stay up to date.