Time to Nominate Your Favourites in the 7th AskGamblers Awards

Happy 7th AskGamblers Awards! Another trip around the sun, another season of the popular and esteemed iGaming awards hosted right here on our website(s) and you are all invited to participate!

The process is the same every year but, just in case you’ve never joined in on the fun, we’ll go over the basics and give you all the info about the nomination phase so that you can easily choose your favourite casinos and slots this year and make sure they are in the race.

Ready? Let’s go!

7th AskGamblers Awards: Nomination Stage

From 1 March to 30 April you’ll be able to nominate your favourite online casinos and slots in the AskGamblers Awards. The casinos and slot machines with the most nominations will move on to the next phase: the voting phase.

When the voting stage arrives, you’ll be able to vote in several categories (which we’ll cover in detail when the right time comes).

As we’re just focusing on the the nomination phase for now, here are the categories you’ll be choosing your favourites in:

How will you know if a casino or slot is eligible for the 7th AskGamblers Awards? Easy! Just look for the yellow “Nominate” button on their review pages. If it’s there, they’re eligible. All you need to do then is click on the button and your favourite casino, new casino or new slot will have been successfully nominated.

However, keep in mind that “new casino” in this sense means a casino that was added to AskGamblers between 1 March, 2023 and 1 March, 2024. Same goes for slots. Therefore, if they were added to our database in that period they are eligible for the Best New Casino and Best New Slot awards, respectively.

Great news is that you can now see all eligible new slots and casinos right here on our Nominate page so nominating your favourite slots and casinos has never been easier!

Let the Nomination Phase Begin!

All right, we’ll leave you to it for now and make sure to check back in soon. In the meantime, have fun nominating your favourite slots and casinos for the 7th AskGamblers Awards from here or our main site!