Tick-Tock: There is Still Time to Nominate Your Favourites for AskGamblers Awards

It’s that time of year again when your decision-making is needed! What’s this about, exactly? If you’ve been a diligent player (as we know you have), you then know that the official AskGamblers Awards competition began on 15th August and will conclude mid-October.

“The nominations are for your favourite online casinos, new online casinos and new online slots on AskGamblers.”

In case right now is the first time you are hearing about this, be quick to register on AskGamblers. This is your chance to get approved for participation in the nominations, and help your favorite online casino win!

How Do You Join the Nomination-Race?

To help launch your favourite new online casinos, online casinos, and new online slots to stardom through AskGamblers and via nomination, all you have to do is become a registered user on AskGamblers. Once that’s done, place your nominations, and you are good to go.

How to Register on AskGamblers?

We have a hard time believing you’ve never been on our website, especially if you are a passionate player like most of us are. Anyway, even if you haven’t, that’s sure going to change today! Here’s how to register on AskGamblers:

Once your account is set up, you may start browsing the website as a registered member. So, be quick to set up an account with AskGamblers and nominate your favourite online slots, new online casinos, and online casinos in general.

“All nominations acquired during the nomination period will be regarded as votes in the voting phase”.

Remember, you’ve got till mid-October to place your nominations and support your favourite contenders. What happens mid-October? This is when phase two begins and players are able to start voting for the AskGamblers Awards finalists.

What Should You Know About AskGamblers as a Registered Player?

Officially the best casino affiliate website in 2018, AskGamblers is a treasure-trove of unbiased online casino, slot, and bonus reviews. Its reviews are the most trusted pieces of iGaming-relevant information, helping players around the world play safe and understand the rules that, sometimes, aren’t too clear to begin with.

It is interesting to know that over $27,8 million has been turned to players thanks to AskGambler’s unique Casino Complaint Service and its diligence.

What Is There to Know About AskGamblers Awards?

A few things run interesting when it comes to AskGamblers Awards:

  1. Best Casino
  2. Best New Casino
  3. Best Slot
  4. Best Software Provider
  5. Best Partner

AskGamblers Awards is unique in its own right solely because it relies on players’ individual opinions for selecting and pronouncing winners. So, have you registered yet? Do so, and start nominating!