SlotWolf Honoured and Proud to Be Part of the AskGamblers’ Charity Month

As the nominations have already started, and now that we are getting closer to the voting phase of the much-anticipated AskGamblers Awards, things are getting more exciting every day, with the situation being quite unpredictable. As announced, the AskGamblers Awards virtual ceremony will take place on June 17, 2021 and we are also looking forward to hosting our annual charity event on the same day, only this time it will be held online.

Every year, prior to the main event, we give our partners a chance to be part of the AskGamblers Charity event where we traditionally raise money in support of good cause. SlotWolf Casino was one of our partners who participated in this initiative in 2020, contributing to the astonishing €66,900 that we managed to raise in order to support Serbian charity organisations. That’s one of the reasons why we decided to talk to them and see what they’ve been up to, and we also wanted to find out what their expectations from the virtual AskGamblers Awards show are, and whether they are going to join us during the charity event once again.


SlotWolf Continues to Support Our Charity Event

Last year’s AskGamblers Awards’ finalist in the Best New Casino category, SlotWolf Casino, was also in the race to receive a package exposure on our website during the AskGamblers Charity event 2020 and managed to be among the top bidders for the Finland+Norway market.

“Not only was SlotWolf in the race to win the Best New Casino accolade last year, but their managers were also among the top bidders to receive package exposure on the AskGamblers website throughout June 2020.”

As we’re slowly approaching June 17, and with the nominations taking place, we figured the timing couldn’t be more perfect to find out more about SlotWolf’s expectations from the brand-new season of the AskGamblers Awards, as well as to hear their opinion about charity, especially now that we are getting closer our annual charity event. We talked to Jovan Simov, the casino representative of Slot Wolf.


During the last Charity event that we held in January 2020, your managers were bidding to receive package exposure on the AskGamblers website throughout June 2020, and ended up as one of the top 3 bidders. We are happy you took part and, to be honest, it was quite enjoyable to watch you guys bid against your competitors. And, now, what we’d like to know is – will SlotWolf take part in the AskGamblers charity event this year as well?

Absolutely, we believe that charity events are a great way for casinos to rally around a good cause and have some fun while they are beating their competitors for the placements on AskGamblers. We feel honoured and proud to be part of the AskGamblers’ charity month and to be displayed as a brand who is really showing appreciation for the community.


What does your casino/affiliate do for charity?

Being a part of this rewarding industry and having as many players as we do puts us in a place where we feel that it’s important to give something back to the community. It’s important for us that our brand is not only seen as a fun place to play at, but also as a brand which is keen on helping out the communities and supporting the right causes.


What do you think of AskGamblers’ Charity initiative?

AskGamblers Charity Event as a part of the Awards is a pretty interesting concept as I mentioned previously. On top of that, the influence that AskGamblers is having in the industry also encourages operators to participate in showing the AskGamblers’ community that we do think about them. SlotWolf will continue supporting this event as long as our players keep nominating us year after year.


For the year 2019, you were among the top 10 candidates in the Best New Casino category and in our previous interview with the finalists we talked about the everyday challenges that you are facing, so now we’d like to discuss it a bit further.

You know what they say – it’s more difficult to stay on top than to get there – and now that you’ve managed to become one of the best, please tell us how hard is it to keep that reputation and stay among the best iGaming brands?

All brands start with some ingredients as other brands and SlotWolf is no exception. The key point is to keep trying out new things without thinking only of the profit but also of the players experience. If you want to be perceived as different you need to offer new features, listen to players’ voices and act accordingly. After all, we are here for them and making them happy is the number one priority.

Having that said, this is a great opportunity to announce that in the months to come SlotWolf will receive a complete makeover and we are going to do some great stuff for the players so we can’t wait to show it to you all, and present SlotWolf reinvented.


In the world of iGaming that’s constantly changing and evolving, what does it take to stand out and – eventually win?

Standing out is not an easy thing to do considering the number of online casinos there is -competing on the market. We all have some tricks up our sleeves for being different than the competition. Ultimately, what we are trying to do is to be trendsetters more than the ones who are just following others.

This is a fast-paced industry and there are some waves that we all need to ride, but the way we ride them is what differentiates one brand from another. The SlotWolf’s way is to make player’s feel they are on a mission with “the SlotWolf ” and that they really correlate to the image that the brand is promoting. In the following months we are going to try and emphasise that even more – so stay tuned.


What are your expectations from the AskGamblers Awards, do you think you will make it to the finals?

As always, we will do our best to win. We are already putting some things in motion for SlotWolf players to vote for us, so we hope we’ll have a tangible number of votes for our brand.

We know that competitors will do the same as this is a prestigious award, but we feel like this could be our year and we want to have that prize on our shelf after the finals. It would be an amazing achievement and a confirmation that we have been doing good things throughout the previous years.


Thank you so much for joining us today and we wish you the best of luck in the AskGamblers Awards race!

As for you dear players, you still have time to nominate your favourites in the following categories: Best Casino 2020, Best New Casino 2020, and Best New Slot 2020. We’re keeping our fingers crossed your beloved candidates make it to the finals!