Interview with SlotWolf – Last Year’s AskGamblers Awards Best Casino Award Winner

Our traditional series of interviews with winners of the 2022 edition of the AskGamblers Awards kicks off with the Best Casino Award winner, SlotWolf Casino.

It was a bumpy ride, for sure. Competing against the big names is not easy with a new brand such as Slotwolf is, but I would say that we were more ready to adapt to the new circumstances and players’ demands. We worked hard these three, now four, years, and we took this on as a challenge which we had to come on top. It would be hard to specify the exact reasons for what happened, and we don’t want to sound arrogant, but we worked hard for it, and I would say Slotwolf deserved the prize of the Best Casino, it was a really good year for us.

It’s a mix of all those things, there is no one thing that you can solely rely on. With growing competition, players become more picky about the place where they would stay because there are so many great opportunities to attract their attention. I think we have definitely excelled in communication with our players and tried to really provide great service and assistance when needed, and our care reflects in their trust in us.

As previously mentioned, we think we deserved everything we achieved, but there is still some work before we can say we are the best ever. But I am confident we are getting there soon so I will talk from a perspective of what is fueling our jet – we are passionate about SlotWolf, we have a story about each of our main characters, we know their personalities, and we care for them. We care for every aspect of the brand, and I think it resonates with players.

It definitely changed the attention we’re having and brand recognition in the industry. More people have heard about Slotwolf now than before we won the award, so let’s say we put Slotwolf on the map and made its name in bold letters, figuratively speaking.

Plans are happening non-stop. We are going to launch many new features this year, optimize player flows and simplify things which were not intuitive enough. So this year will be focused on product optimization because we have done a pretty good job with relations to the players, so their feedback was more than helpful in understanding how to make our casino even more fun for them. So keep an eye on us, we are definitely going to have some fun this year.