Here’s Your Last Chance to Nominate Your Favourites for the AskGamblers Awards

We’re entering the last week of the nomination phase for the AskGamblers Awards which means it is your last call to single out your favourite online casinos, new online casinos and new online slots. The official competition started on August 15th, and will end on October 15th, 2019, so there’s not much time left. If this is the first time you are hearing about this – do not worry – we’re here to help you out through the nomination phase.

Nominate Your Favourite Casinos and Slot Machines

We are getting very excited as we’re approaching the much-anticipated outcome of the first phase. So, once again, we’re here to remind you to nominate your favourite online casinos and slots because, by doing so, you are helping them be among the top 10 candidates in our next phase.

“Last call to nominate your favourite online casinos, new online casinos and new slot machines for the AskGamblers Awards.”

Here’s a quick reminder though – in order to nominate your favourite casinos or slot machines, you must be signed into your AskGamblers account. Once your account is all set, you may start browsing the website as a registered user and look for your favourites in our database.
By nominating, you are helping us single out:

And, we will also be honouring the Best Software Provider and the Best Partner.

You can nominate as many casinos and slots as you wish – but you can only do it once. So, make sure your opinion is heard, especially because all nominations acquired during the nomination period will be regarded as votes in the voting phase.

What Happens Next Week?

As of next week, the nominations will close and the 3-month long voting phase will begin, during which you guys (the players) will able to vote for the AskGamblers Awards finalists.

We’ll be collecting your votes until January 17th, 2020, which is when the winners will be announced on a spectacular gala event, scheduled to be organised in Belgrade, by the AskGamblers.

Make Sure Your Opinion is Heard

All of you who wish to be part of the AskGamblers Awards, get your fingers ready! Nominate your favourite online slots and casinos and help us single out the best of the best in the iGaming universe. We’re looking forward to seeing which finalists will end up in the next phase, so stay tuned, as we will reveal more details soon!