Interview with the AskGamblers Awards Top Candidates in the Best Software Provider Category

With less than 3 days until the AskGamblers Awards main event (yes, it’s almost 17th January 2020), things are heating up over here and the results are as unpredictable as ever. While we’re waiting for the big event and the final results, we’ve gathered some of our shortlisted candidates in the Best software provider category to see what makes each of them so unique and successful, especially in terms of slot creation strategies. Now let’s see what we’ve found out.

Meet the AskGamblers Awards Shortlisted Best Software Providers

Being shortlisted for the AskGamblers Awards only proves these candidates are among the world’s best software suppliers. Taking into consideration how important user experience is, we’re sure our readers would like to know how our interviewees come up with new ideas, as well as what slot characteristics players like the most. There are so many questions we wanted to ask, but we’ve decided to talk about the process creation and various features that game suppliers always amaze us with.

1. What’s the process of slot creation, how do you come up with new ideas and how long does the whole process usually last?

Play’n GO: We take great pride in the creation of our slots and develop them to the very highest level. We believe that inspiration can come from anywhere so we welcome ideas from all quarters of our company, we don’t want to restrict ourselves. Each game is different, and the process can take anything from months to years, but it is a rigorous process involving many milestones that ensure that every facet of the game from artwork and gameplay to music and UI, is developed to the greatest quality possible.

Microgaming: We work with an ever-growing network of independent studios on an exclusive basis, allowing us to keep on enhancing our portfolio with diverse, quality content. By harnessing the unique personalities, styles and creative processes behind each of the studios, we can deliver a wide range of distinctive gameplay experiences that cater to various tastes. And within Microgaming, our approach is much the same. We draw on the diverse skills, ideas and experiences of our people, empowering employees from all areas of the business to contribute content concepts and nurturing a culture of innovation.

“Everyone in the production team is free and encouraged to contribute with new game ideas.”

Pragmatic Play: Our slot game design is initially based around either a theme or a character, such as John Hunter. Everyone in the production team is free and encouraged to contribute with new game ideas, and the ideas with the most potential are selected by the producer to be prototyped. If we feel the prototype version is up to Pragmatic Play’s standards, the project is green lit and goes into production. This entire pre-production process usually lasts between a week, while production itself varies greatly based on the game’s complexity. 

Playson: Here at Playson we always start from the math mechanics and theme. We try to find the perfect balance between what market demands and what innovation we would like to offer. It is not easy, as art always has to underline and enhance the mechanics of the game. So, both math and art metamorphose in the process of getting the right result. The duration of the whole process from an idea to the game release varies from half a year to 2 months.

NetEnt: We say – whiteboard, whiteboard, whiteboard. We don’t focus on the competition, instead, we focus on what we can do and what our players want. What matters are play, play, and play prototypes. It is essential to defend the player’s value and experience until the end of the production. As for the slot creation process, it can be anywhere from 4 to 9 months, depending on the size of the games.

2. According to your experience, what slot characteristics do players look forward to the most? 

Betsoft: Having a first-rate user experience is almost an expectation for today’s slot players and a target we endeavour to hit with every slot game we create. We have found that although features play their part, the truth behind a great slot game is that it is a harmony between several functions: Art, math, animation, flow, timing, audio and market fit – all count towards what makes a game successful. High quality artwork and animation are vital to catch a player’s eye and stand out from the crowd. Exciting mechanics and a good math model keep players engaged, while the perfectly aligned audio can both complement and raise the bar for player experience. However, for a game to stand out and keep players coming back, it needs to have the ideal blend of all the above factors in line with the supplier’s brand and reputation.

Fugaso: Our team of professionals believe that it takes a mixture of aspects to create the most attractive slot possible, a blend of challenging yet understandable math algorithms with a high RTP must be the most important but as we all know, sometimes our eyes are playing a big role when it comes to deciding what’s attractive for us and what’s not, therefore the second most important characteristics are game design, visuals and sound effects which act as a major factor for first impressions.

“We strive to give our players maximum of entertainment and that’s why we combine all strengths in each slot’s component.”

BGAMING: Drawing on our experience in the game creation, we can say confidently that a player doesn’t split the game by its characteristics. The player sees the game as a coherent whole thing, where each tiny part is essential. It is some kind of a balance between well-thought-out math model and marvellous audio/visual effects. Players are looking for a new quality gambling experience. As incredible as it may sound, the Player magically feels the energy of the team-creator. We mean that if the team puts a lot of clean and strong energy in the video slot, it would be felt and as a result it would form the longest personal positive attitude to the game which can last for years. We strive to give our players maximum of entertainment and that’s why we combine all strengths in each slot’s component. 

Red Tiger Gaming: It’s a process of creativity, knowledge and technology. One of the quickest games that we’ve ever made was done in 5 weeks, from an idea to actual putting the game live. Our efficiency comes from the lessons that we’ve learn, not to do things twice – from guys that are doing the game specs, actual development team building the game and the finally the fine tuning that’s done by our game experts. Usually, it would take 3-4 weeks of development and rest is compliance and polishing.

Thank you all for taking the time to answer our questions and for sharing your experiences. Good luck to all of you and we’ll see you on Friday, 17th January 2020, at the AskGamblers Awards show in Belgrade.

Another reminder for our players: you guys can still vote for your favourite online casinos and slot machines, in case you haven’t so far. Also, don’t forget to tune in on Friday night and watch the AskGamblers Awards show live!