Interview with Srdjan Kapor – the AskGamblers Award Winner in the Best Affiliate Manager Category

The AskGamblers Awards ceremony took place less than a month ago and we’ve decided to gather all the winners and interview them to see what makes these names the leaders in the iGaming universe. The first interviewee on our list is Srdjan Kapor from BitStarz Casino, who received the AskGamblers Award in the Best Affiliate Manager category. So, apart from sharing his impressions about the event, Srdjan talks about the secret of success and the challenges he faces in this industry.


AG: These days we celebrate the brightest names in the iGaming industry. As your name is on the AskGamblers Awards winners list and you are officially the Best Affiliate Manager, we would like to ask – how does this accolade make you feel?

Srdjan Kapor: I think speechless kind of sums it up to be quite honest, haha. The first words that come to mind are “honored” and “proud”, but I want to emphasize from the start that this is a team effort and I wouldn’t have won it without the support of my fellow colleagues.

I’d also like to mention that AskGamblers is a company we have utmost respect for, which makes it even more special to win an award presented by you. This also completes the holy trinity of awards as we won Player’s Choice of 2018 and Best Online Casino for 2017. But hey, we’re aiming for more!


AG: What do you think about the event such as the AskGamblers Awards show and what do you like the most about it?

Srdjan Kapor: All of us attending the show from BitStarz end were extremely impressed, and we didn’t think you’d be able to match the superb awards show you guys put together last year. But you did!

One thing we appreciated the most was the traditional dance performance and one of my colleagues specifically said that it adds so much personality to an event like this. It makes me feel proud to be Serbian.

These awards are also an opportunity to meet familiar faces and catch-up in a relaxed atmosphere. On top of that, compared to conferences and such, people at awards shows are more relaxed in an a way better mood (not just because of the free flow of Rakija).

AG: What qualities make the best affiliate manager, and what have you done to become successful?

Srdjan Kapor: I think there are a few things that are absolutely vital here, and it all starts with being a good listener and giving the affiliates appropriate attention. To establish a long term relationship, you should treat your business partners with utmost respect and be genuinely interested in what they have to say.

Affiliates entrust me and everyone at BitStarz with taking great care of their players, so I think it’s only fair that we give them that respect and trust in return. In the end, we’re both looking for a long term, mutually beneficial relationship, right?


AG: What was the life-changing moment that led you to success? Would you contribute everything to hard work, or do you feel luck’s got a say in it, too?

Srdjan Kapor: Hey, we’re in the gambling industry so it makes sense that luck is also a factor, haha.

But with that said, waiting for luck is not going to be a very sound business strategy as it’s a variable you cannot rely on. You can however, control how hard you work and at the same time hope for that lucky moment which is basically my approach.


AG: What are the comparative advantages of working in the online gambling industry?

Srdjan Kapor: Oh, there are many. Highly subjective of course, haha.

But it’s never boring as it’s constantly changing, and it keeps me interested and motivated to learn new things and receive a good dose of intellectual stimulation.

I think many people also find gambling in general to be quite an interesting subject and there’s this lure surrounding the industry as a whole. It’s associated with VIP experiences, Las Vegas, Big Jackpots, etc, naturally it has an appeal from the get-go.

Then to have the opportunity to be a part of that and also find a way to take this to a new level is both challenging and extremely interesting.


AG: Can you point out some of the key challenges that you face as BitStarz Casino affiliate manager when it comes to recent changes in the regulations that might restrict the casino industry in terms of marketing?

Srdjan Kapor: Regulation is a good thing from a sustainability perspective, but I think it’s important to reflect over where the regulation sweet-spot lies, as it can have an industry-killing effect if regulation is too tight. One example would be what we’ve seen in the UK where play limits are extremely restricted and the recent ban on credit cards for gambling purposes.

With all this said, I think that post regulation, you have to have more of a long-term perspective on things. If you look back 10 years, massive growth and revenue was almost a certainty for anyone opening a casino in Malta. Those days are long gone and ain’t coming back.

Instead, you need to take a step back and realize the fact that a slow and steady growth over time is a more sober outlook.

Thank you Srdjan for this interview. Keep up the good work and we can’t wait to see you winning many more accolades in the future.