Interview with Slot Hunter Casino – Best New Casino – Last Year’s Winner

Last year’s AskGamblers Awards was held online but it stayed true to its much-known quality, impartiality, and the celebration of the partners’ efforts to provide the best service to those who trust them the most – the players.

One of the competing categories – Best New Casino – revealed Slot Hunter Casino as the best new casino, as voted by both players and AskGamblers experts!

In an interview with Yaroslav Laptev, Chief Product Officer of N1 Partners Group, we talked about the entire experience of last year’s AskGamblers Awards, their plans for the upcoming year, navigating pandemic, innovation and so much more.

The new kid on the block and already winning prizes! Did you expect to win the AskGamblers “Best New Casino” category last year? Has winning the Award changed anything for you?

I will say that we wanted to win this nomination and did everything in our power. The N1 Partners Group team has worked hard on the Slot Hunter project to satisfy all the needs of our players and be noticed among other respectable online casinos in the gambling market. Therefore, the victory in the “Best New Casino” nomination at the most popular gambling forum has become an excellent reward for all the team’s efforts and a good motivation for the new development of the project and the successive victories.

We will never tire of thanking our audience for entrusting us with their votes. We continue to work on innovation, content improvement, and new features for online casinos. And we are not going to stop doing it. Stay with us and wait for further updates!

In an industry that’s constantly evolving and upgrading, how do you stand out and manage to, well, win “best” categories?

We closely monitor the trends of the markets in which we work and localize projects for particular regions – it is essential to understand the mentality of the users from the specific geos and what they are interested in. This allows us to invent and implement new features adapted to a particular audience.

Be honest: Who do you admire and look up to when it comes to your competitors?

We believe there are a lot of worthy projects with exciting product solutions. But we focus on the industry market as a whole and monitor trends. N1 Partners Group has a strong team responsible for developing new features and implementing them on our projects.

How did you navigate the pandemic, and has “the new normal” in any way affected the way you approach players and the offers you curate for them?

Of course, the pandemic has affected the entire online business in the world, including gambling. However, this problematic time allowed us to take several significant steps in the company’s development: we updated some old and launched several new projects, reviewed and optimized processes, digitized and automated the work of several departments; and most importantly, we continue to actively grow and develop.

Do you expect to see yourself in this year’s “best” category?

I won’t lie – of course, I’d love that. Being in the “best” category is not just about winning an award. It is much more than that. Winning the nomination allows you to get a sense of confidence in what you do, whether it’s finalizing new features or launching promos. Also, victory is a kind of feedback from the players about what we are doing. And it’s the best feedback one could hope for.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. We wish you all the luck in the 5th AskGamblers Awards run!