Interview with Last Year’s AskGamblers Awards Winners

As we’re approaching AskGamblers Awards 2018 really fast, we’ve decided to interview 3 winners from the last year – King Billy Casino, ShadowBet Casino and BitStarz Casino. What these three online casinos have in common is that they are also in the race for the Best Casino this year. We have asked their representatives to share their thoughts about their team, as well as talk about their expectations from the AskGamblers Awards show.


The Inspiring Winners from Last Year

Most of you already know that the AskGamblers Awards gala event is scheduled for Thursday, January 17th and we’re very excited that the show is getting closer. Being in the ceremony mood, we’ve decided to meet with 3 winners from the last year and talk about their success and their opinion on the entire Awards concept. Here’s what they’ve told us.


Question: What is your opinion on the AskGamblers Awards?

Artur Różycki, ShadowBet Casino

Taking into consideration that last year’s winner ShadowBet Casino is again nominated for the Best Casino award, their Head of Affiliates, Artur Różycki, believes that “the AskGamblers Awards formula” is going to be much different this year, meaning it would be harder for new and small online casinos to make it to the top.

“Well established casinos have much more fans on AskGamblers, making it easier to win, so this year our expectations are lower, but it doesn’t mean we are not going to fight till the end. It’s very nice, that AskGamblers decided to start Awards where players, not judges, decide on who the winner is.” According to him it is a fresh approach, as the Award from players is the most valuable one. “We are here for the players, so let them vote for the best”.


Ruslan Legenzov, King Billy Casino

King Billy Casino team shares the excitement by saying: “We absolutely love AskGamblers Awards. We fell in love with the concept last year and we can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for us this year! As far as our expectations are concerned, we must say that the bar is even higher this time.”

After receiving the Best New Casino 2017 award, King Billy Casino is now in the race for both the AskGamblers Best Casino 2018 title as well as the prestigious iGB Affiliate Awards 2019. That’s a great success if we take into consideration the fact that the operator is only 20 months old. The industry is very pleased with what King Billy has to offer, which is why the casino keeps being rewarded.


Srdjan Kapor, BitStarz Casino

Srdjan Kapor, Affiliate and Marketing Manager at BitStarz Casino, sees AskGamblers as a fair, unbiased and neutral source of information in the online casino industry world, which is why the entire AskGamblers Awards concept is even more special to them. BitStarz are extremely honoured to have received such a prestigious award. The fact that it was also a “Player’s Award” made them even more grateful.

He also commented: “The Awards this year really has this Academy Award vibe to it and, once more, we’re super happy to be nominated for the Best Casino for the second year in a row, and I feel I might just have to prepare a speech, just in case.”


Question: What makes your casino stand out from the crowd?

Artur Różycki, ShadowBet Casino

Whenever asked about the casino, ShadowBet team members would describe it as secret place run by a mysterious bearded guy called Jack Pot. “From the very beginning, the concept for our casino was to create a place, which has some mystery and uniqueness whilst providing a great user experience and hours of fun to our players.” While trying to include the atmosphere and feeling they are aiming to create, the team came up with the first part of the name of the brand – “Shadow”.

Second part “Bet” is associated with Sports Betting, which is going to be the next step of their evolution. “We are currently working hard to implement everything and to start offering Sports Betting in 2019. And why do we stand out of the crowd? It’s innovation ideas, fantastic promotions and pressure on our clients’ satisfaction, which is our highest priority”.


Ruslan Legenzov, King Billy Casino

King Billy team members were fascinated to discover the fact that their “King” has about zillion “Kingbillish” replicas, which made them extra vigilant and thought them to never let go, not even for a minute. That’s pretty much what makes them stand out from the crowd.

As Ruslan Legenzov explained: “We have bought the King Billy’s beautiful myth and fantastic universe, so much, ourselves, that players recognize us, trust us and are enchanted in turn by the experience and come back from more. To see what we really mean, go read our replies to your AskGamblers King Billy review page, or read our blog or visit our YouTube channel”.


Srdjan Kapor, BitStarz Casino

BitStarz are aware of the fact that many casinos nowadays pretty much offer the same things such as a variety of games and plentiful payment options, so the operators are the ones that have to focus on areas that can actually make a major difference by putting an emphasis on the particular things players actually care about.

As Srdjan Kapor pointed out: “I hope I speak for the players when I say that our 10-minute average cashout time, massive welcome package of 5 BTC + 200 Free Spins, fun and rewarding promotions and the fact that we offer both multiple crypto currencies and FIAT (major international currencies) gives us the versatility that caters to a wide range of players.” In addition, BitStarz are also proud of their excellent support staff, who deserve the biggest praise.


We would like to thank these incredible online casinos and their representatives for answering our questions. Likewise, we would like to thank everyone who took the time to nominate and vote for their favourite candidates. As a matter of fact, there’s still time to cast your votes! May the best contestants win!