Interview with Betsson – Best Affiliate Partner – Last Year’s Winner

Affiliate marketing is generally approached with the same mentality by many: find a way to offer players the best brands and the most reliable gambling experience. Some carry out this mission better than others, and Betsson sure is one of the best names in the game!

The beauty of Betsson’s operations is that they always find the time to think about their customers’ and partners’ needs – which is one of the main reasons they were voted the best affiliate partner in last year’s Awards.

Today, we talk to Betsson about their win, new plans, and so much more –

1) You won the “best affiliate partner” category at the last year’s AskGamblers Awards! What was the first thing you did after the ceremony ended?

When we won the award, we immediately shared the news with the team and then with the entire organisation. We high-fived each other virtually and celebrated the victory together. It is always a special moment for us to be recognised for our hard work and dedication, and when that recognition comes from an entity such as AskGamblers that gathers input from our players, we cherish it much more.

2) Do you expect to see your name in this year’s Awards? If yes (or no), why?

Betsson Group has a very experienced and reliable affiliate team that is always ready to support all our partners. The entire company is very customer-centric; we want to provide our players with the best experience in the industry, and we are very successful with this philosophy. We have our fingers crossed for this year too!

3) What would you say is the secret to your success, except for the exceptional quality, naturally? How do you attract and keep the clients that work with you?

I believe it is about always delivering exceptional service to players and partners consistently, time after time. We run great promotions and build strong brands; everyone appreciates a reliable partner – one that you can always count on.

4) Have you got any plans lined up we should know about?

We are looking at expansion into many new markets across the globe, especially LatAm and North America are very important for us right now.

5) Out of your competitors (if we can call them that), who do you admire most and why?

We’re lucky enough to be in an industry with many outstanding operators—this keeps us striving to be even better all the time. If I had to pick one, I would say Bet365, as they have an exceptional product and are generally very professional in their approach. But, if I had to pick the winning affiliate team, I’d always pick my team – their professionalism, talent, and skills make Betsson Group Affiliates an award-winning team. I am incredibly proud of all of them.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. We wish you the best of luck!