Charity Month Launches Into Motion on AskGamblers

Every 5 September marks International Charity Day, and it’s not a mere coincidence that our AskGamblers Charity Month is taking place in September, too.

This year, the AskGamblers crew has selected September as our Charity Month, and we’re happy to have united with our partners in giving to those less fortunate.

United, Even During Difficult Times

Traditionally, AskGamblers holds Charity Night a day prior to the AskGamblers Awards ceremony. However, as the Awards alone were held online this year, the Charity Night took place simultaneously with the event, without losing any of its celebrated significance.

Despite the challenging circumstances of the year behind us, we managed to keep the positive spirit up, gather online with the same cause in mind, and collect enough money to make a notable difference. During this AskGamblers Awards Charity Night, we raised an astounding €65,300!

The total of €65,300 raised through this year’s AskGamblers Awards Charity Night auction will go to an appointed charity like every year before, and there’s no one to thank more than our partners for their remarkable generosity.

How We All Gathered to Raise €65,000

Like previous years, the partners competed for their positions on our website during the Charity Night while contributing to the higher cause.

The Charity Night had 30 delegates, finalists of this year’s AskGamblers Awards in three categories (Best Casino, Best New Casino, and Affiliate of the Year), bidding for the top three positions on our respected top 10 online casino lists.

The competition was intense, and only the most determined grabbed the position they were bidding for. Congrats to them!

To see the auction’s outcome and the casinos that helped raise 65,000 for charity, click here.

Charity Month at AskGamblers Is Underway

Charity Month is one of the most significant events in the AskGamblers year, and we are happy to be celebrating it as planned.

Commenting on Charity Month, AskGamblers VP Denis Ristic said, “Charity Month has always been a crucial point of the AskGamblers event calendar, and we couldn’t be happier to have organised and completed it successfully in times like the ones now. Knowing we’ve gathered with the same cause in mind – to help someone’s life get a bit brighter – makes me incredibly grateful. It is an honour to work with people with such big hearts.”

Ristic further thanked everyone for standing together despite the challenging times, expressing hope that next year we’ll bid in the same room together.

On that note, this Charity Month at AskGamblers is dedicated to celebrating the AskGamblers’ partners, and their impact in making those less fortunate a little bit cheerier and enjoying their rightfully deserved spots on our website. See you next year!