AskGamblers Raises Funds to Buy Playground Equipment for Children with Disabilities

Tonight, AskGamblers will run an auction where our partners will be able to place bids for the top 3 positions on our website. More specifically, the highest bidders will receive a package exposure, that will be featured on our website in June, 2019. All funds raised by the auction in Belgrade will be spent on the special-needs playground equipment, which will include swings for disabled children.

AskGamblers to Raise Funds for Disabled Children

AskGamblers is about to run an auction, where the participants will be able to place bids and purchase the top positions on our website. To be more precise, three highest bidders will receive a package exposure on AskGamblers website in June this year. Money raised by the auction is reserved for the special-needs playground equipment, including swings for disabled children.

“We at AskGamblers believe this is the good way to start helping children with disabilities.”

The charity is dedicated to helping children with special needs who live in Serbia. “The reason why we’re hosting the charitable event is to build on something that can really help those in need. We at AskGamblers want to make a difference in the lives of children with disabilities, by doing something that is challenging and meaningful” – said Denis Ristic, the Product Owner at AskGamblers.

The Auction Takes Place Tonight

This charity event will include a dinner, inspiring presentation and an auction, where guests will be seated at tables and participating in a live performance. The auction will be held tonight at “Klub Kabinet” in Belgrade, one day before the AskGamblers Awards ceremony. The guestlist will include our partners from the iGaming industry, representing online casinos, affiliate programs and software providers, who are already here in Belgrade to attend the AskGamblers Awards ceremony.