AskGamblers Awards: The Nomination Period Starts Today

We have some good news coming your way – it’s time for a brand-new season of the AskGamblers Awards! Our team is excited to announce that the much-anticipated nomination phase begins today! Just like last year, you guys will be an essential part of the entire process by nominating and voting for your favourite online casinos and video slots. Get ready, because we’re about to reveal more details!

Time for the AskGamblers Awards Nominations

Some of you probably remember the nomination process from last year, but let us go over the details one more time! It’s very simple – all you gotta do is look for your favourite online casino (or an online slot) in our directory and click on the “Nominate” button on the casino review or slot review page. It’s as simple as that! By doing so, you’re making sure your favourite casinos and video slot are in the race to become the winners.

The nomination period will last for 2 months and, as soon as it ends, the voting phase will begin. But, let’s take one step at a time, we’ll inform you about the voting when the time comes. At this point, you can nominate your preferred candidates in the following categories:

Spoiler alert – the AskGamblers Awards show will take place on January 17th, 2020, in Belgrade, Serbia, and you’ll be able to watch it on livestream. Of course, more details will follow soon, so there’s no need to worry – we’ll keep you posted.

“Get your fingers ready, because you, dear players, will contribute to the AskGamblers Awards nominations!”

Every single online casino on our website can be nominated for the Awards, but only the top 10 candidates will be up for voting. Keep in mind, in order to nominate your favourites, you must be signed into your AskGamblers account.

Nominate Your Favourite Candidates

AskGamblers team is super excited and we really hope the best candidates will once again end up in the nomination pool and, in the meantime, before we all know the results, you can see the winners from last year’s AskGamblers Awards show, as well as watch interviews with them. We’re keeping our fingers crossed your beloved candidates make it to the voting phase!