AskGamblers Awards: Interview with King Billy Casino – the Winner in the Best Casino Category

As a continuation to our interview series with the AskGamblers Awards winners, it’s about time you guys meet the Best Casino – King Billy Casino and their representatives. We talked to them to to find out if there’s any secret sauce to their accomplishments and to learn what it takes for a casino to become a synonym for success. So, without a further ado, let’s see what makes them so unique, trustworthy and reputable!

King Billy Casino Wins the AskGamblers Award

Being established in 2017, King Billy Casino managed to climb up to the top in a relatively short period of time. The casino is famous for offering hundreds of online slots and other gaming specialties and is therefore enjoyed by many players all around the world. With a high rank score, King Billy is a holder of our prestigious Certificate of Trust and is considered to be a reputable casino, so it’s no surprise the AskGamblers Award went straight into their hands. Now, it’s time to meet them.

How did it feel being surrounded by your competitors at the AskGamblers Awards ceremony in Belgrade, then hear your name as the Best Casino winner?

Well, now I know how the Oscars feel! It was a breathtaking, unrivaled and most memorable experience which I would trade for nothing. This is the result of hard work, by an amazing team, which built our brand and product reputation, finally culminating in this exploding moment.

Your casino offer is the kind players see and think “oh that’s what they mean by award-worthy!” With that in mind, tell us – how does a casino become so successful and, more importantly, trustworthy?

It all starts with being trustworthy and transparent inside the organization. Once you have established this, as we did with King Billy, the next step is hard and thorough dedication of the whole team. Never rest, always ask: “How is our reputation today?” “Did our agent do wrong or right?” “How can we become even more trustworthy?” A casino becomes trustworthy by seeking trust, not profit (and profit will come).

Being already present in Canada, Norway, Finland, Japan, Russia, etc. what additional markets do you plan on extending your service to?

It’s a big Kingdom, yes, but it is not an Empire yet. There are still a number of countries and territories where the King’s foot hasn’t stepped in. For 2020, we are planning to extend to more Asian markets and get even more actively engaged in EU, having only recently launched King Billy MGA.

In order to keep the players coming back, what’s your plan for keeping them interested and engaged? Our minds immediately go to having new promotions, new loyalty program, tournaments, exclusive bonuses, VIP treatments… or is there something more up your sleeve?

Before we think outside the box, we like to think inside it. So, yes, we are having all the above mentioned benefits for our players, and this has contributed a lot to our success. However, there’s more to come. In 2020, Citizens of the King Billy Kingdom should see even more individualized offers, faster payouts, new language adaptations, new formats of content items and more Content overall. Stay tuned, it will be impressive and fun!

With the AskGamblers Award for the Best Casino on yourself, where do you go from here?

Our affiliate program prides itself on going “beyond the commission”. We would like to do the same for our casino as whole. We are successful, but we need to move “beyond success”, work even harder to maintain our reputation and take our product to an even higher quality level.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, and for being our guests. We hope you had wonderful time in Belgrade and we hope to see your name among the AskGamblers Awards finalists next year as well!