AskGamblers Awards Gets Postponed for Summer 2021

Traditionally, AskGamblers has been hosting its AskGamblers Awards in January for three years – with industry leaders attending, and potentially winning their rightfully deserved honours as the Best Online Casino, the Best New Online Casino, the Best New Slot, and the Best Software Provider together with Players’ Choice and Best Partner categories. However, this year’s AskGamblers Awards is going to be slightly different.

AskGamblers Awards Will Be Held in Summer 2021

Namely, instead of being hosted in January as it normally is, the AskGamblers Awards is moving to summer 2021. The reason for it is the current COVID-19 situation that got the whole world somewhat paralyzed for social activities and big gatherings.

The AskGamblers Awards is moving to summer 2021.

We find it that it is essential for both our dear attendees and ourselves to stay isolated until it is safe for everyone to come together again, and enjoy the fun and excitement attached to this amazing event.

Stay Tuned for Official Announcements

Like every year, AskGamblers Awards will be held in Belgrade. However, more specific information on the exact time and date of the AskGamblers Awards 2021 will be available in due time. Keep your eyes peeled on the official announcement dates, time, and everything else you need to know about the AskGamblers Awards event.

If you want to get reminded who went home with a trophy last year, or read the Interview with the AskGamblers Awards Winners, you can do so on our website.

Until we next speak to you and see you, stay safe and amazing!